September 30, 2008

hey everyone... coming from a very sleep-deprived feather...

heya... *yawn* I have gotten about six hours of sleep in the last three days... so yeah, I'm pretty tired. Nothing much has been happening, except for the fact that we have flown to Alaska. It's actually pretty nice, in the southerny-places. I need to start getting everyone to practice with Willow's hammocky-thing again. It took them nearly 20 minutes to get it folded.

DID NOT!! ONLY 10!!!

Yeah right, moon. Off the computer.

You're such a grouch today.

Am not. I am tired. Go away.

Fine!!! Meany.

Okay. Yeah. Sorry about that. I am going to go get everyone to shut up... goodbye... *yawn*

-a very sleepy feather

September 20, 2008

Sorry I haven't posted...

Hey everyone, sorry I haven't posted... yeah... we've been pretty busy scouring Canada for some stuff that I can't really put on the Internet... sorry... and sorry about Willow freaking out. I hope she didn't cause too much panic...

July 16, 2008

srry I haven't posted... got caught infiltrating an Itex place!!

omg everyone, I am soo sorry I haven't posted, but we decided to infiltrate an Itex place... and got caught. Yeah, well, we were stuck there for days on end, until they finally took every single one of us out for an experiment, and- oops- every single one of us kicked out and busted up the place. Plus we got a laptop, soo double points. Laptop's battery is low, need to go- we have a charger that we stick into public outlets that we can find. Cya later!

June 27, 2008

Hi this is WILLOW!!!!

Yay i get to post!! And feather said I might be able to have my own blog eventually!! YAY!! And OMG I found something while we went to get food that is called European Style Rice. It is SOOO GOOD!!! Anyway, we're just kinda hangin' out, and feather has been trying to contact Moon who flew off on a mission to find somewhere else to rest up, and I am wet, and we need another laptop. You know, it's weird... i'm part cat, yet I love to get wet. So does Arrow!! lol and where do I get paper?? I want to draw!!


Oh! um, hi feather!!

What are you doing?

Erm, blogging.


Because I like european rice?

...ookay. Off the computer.


Because it is my blog.

I want a blog!!

Perhaps. Not now.

hm. Later?

Maybe. Off the computer!!

Waah! Bye everyone!

Four things: bed, laptop, planes, and Wall-e.

Well, we flew on a crash collision course with a plane a few nights ago. And we have really bad luck with laptops. We lost ours while trying to avoid the plane. So we need yet ANOTHER one. *Sigh...* And we are staying at a hotel, using some of my emergency money, and the beds are WONDERFUL. How does everyone in this world live WITHOUT beds?? I mean, come on!! Big, cushy pillows, a soft mattress, cotton sheets... ahh, beautiful. Then Moon found a feather pillow and totally freaked out. Well, we're avian kids, what would you do if you found a feather pillow? I made the staff take it away. They seemed confused (as usual). And apparently we're not heading to Mexico anymore... waah!!
I am using the hotel's computer right now, and the others are having fun in the pool. Why they would want to get their feathers wet in a giant bathtub in the ground, not sure. And we went to a movie theater last night, and saw a pre-screen presentation of Wall-e! It was really cute, and the kids loved it. How we got the tickets, I don't know. Willow just disappeared for a moment, then came back with four tickets. Yay!! And then we nearly flew through heat lightning. Which kind of singed my feathers, but oh well... now we are at a hotel, doing nothing.

P.S. If any of you know how, could you direct me to the nearest PetSmart? Nameless said you can get little patches for your wings there. If you must know, I am somewhere in the Louisville district... which I hope is a big enough city so that whitecoats who might me reading this will NOT send flyboys or whatever after us.

June 24, 2008

hmm nothing to do again...

hi... yeah, we flew to Oklahoma today... we're heading to Mexico right now... and we decided to stop early for the night. Me and Moon were going to check out a few places while Willow keeps an eye on Arrow. Oh, I forgot to post ages... hah... um, well, arrow is about seven, we think, and Willow is thirteen, I know... see, willow's the only hybrid we've met that knows her birthday. Moon is twelve, and I'm thirteen... or fourteen... I don't know...
lalalalala... it seems like no one's looking at my blog... so I put in a hit counter because there aren't any comments... and I got to a new level on Moon's DS... and now I'm just saying nonsense... I wonder if we should... okay, forgot what I was going to post.
...bye... i guess...

p.s. moon says hii!!!

moon, let me finish.

Arrow got to post, though!

Stop pushing me out of the way!!

Let me post!!

OUCH!! Fine!!!

Yay! Hi everyone!!! This is moon... and Feather finally let me post!! We're in Oklahoma, in a little vacation house-thing... and it has cable and a computer!!! Arrow and Willow are watching Animal Planet... and I'm posting... and Feather's playing my DS!! Put that down!! Hah. Need to charge the DS. Must refrain from typing more. Post tomorrow. Bye!!


June 23, 2008


lalalaaa... i have nothing to do... we decided to stay at our friend's house overnight, and we all know how to fly, land, and take off with Willow's hammock. And also, at the bottom of the page, where my playlist is? Have you noticed that Tainted Love and S.O.S., if you listen REALLY hard, have the exact same background pattern? In tainted love, the few notes first played in the whole song are in S.O.S. and the notes from about 00:08 to about 00:10 or 00:11 are played in the background of S.O.S, except it's hard to hear in S.O.S. In S.O.S. listen really hard from about 00:14 to 00:17... S.O.S. is like the girl's view and Tainted Love is the boy's view... huh... and tainted love came out in, like, 1981 or something... Moon started pestering me about putting Tainted Love on the list, so I did, and it reminded me of S.O.S. so I looked that up and stuck it on there too... i'm just kinda rambling on now... maybe I'll go play Moon's DS... except NOT fly while playing it...

Hey this is Arrow!!!

Hi everyone!! This is arrow and I FINALLY convinced Feather to let me post!!! YAY!!!! Anyway, does anyone know how to type with claws instead of fingers? meh, I'll deal with that later. I'm managing to type right now!! And I now have two new webkinz, one's a green frog and another one is a little bunny!!! Feather won't let me say what their names are, though. She's really annoying about the whole "lie low" thing. Anyway, she made us practice flying and landing and taking off with Willow's new hammock. She also made sure we knew how to take all three handles, fly like that, and land. Then she made us know how to hold it and keep it balanced while two of us are holding it. Which is harder than it looks.
HI NUDGE!!! Say hi to total and angel for me!!!! And max!!!
BYE!!!!! :)

About to leave!

Yay!! We have Willow back, and along wiht her new rabbit which thankfully is a Webkinz (what IS it with bird kids and webkinz!!) and it turns out, our human friend got two hammocks, cut one in half, and attached it to the other, so we can carry Willow!!! She tied it with twine and some really thick cotton rope... and now we're going to give it a test drive! She even replaced the metal hooks with handles that are a lot easier to hold on to. My only fear now is that we'll have a bit of trouble fighting if we're attacked in the air. But, the more I think about it, the more I figure out that, in an emergency, one person (not arrow, though, she's too young and too heavy as a cat/bird/human) but me or Moon can take all three handles and hold Willow beneath us for a short period of time. And we're using our human friend's computer right now (we REALLY need to get another Itex satellite hookup) and we are going out to try the hammock in a few minutes. After we get the hang of flying with the hammock, I'm going to start drilling us on emergency situations, fast landing, even faster takeoffs, and here's one you probably didn't think of- folding the hammock up to stuff in Willow's backpack. Better if we all know how to do it. Better for safety.
Okay, one last thing before I go- how much do Webkinz cost, or is it different at each store? Because Arrow and Moon both want one. Well, for Arrow it'll be her second...
And how do u like my playlist? I just made it last night!!!

June 22, 2008

Well, here we go...

Sorry I haven't updated in a while, I had to go get food for the flock. Plus the computer's USB thingy wouldn't work, so I couldn't update, and still isn't working (I'm at an Internet cafe). Ah well...
I finally figured out what Webkinz is, therefore Arrow now has a panda. For safety reasons, username and pet names are not given (so don't get your hopes up, whitecoats). I'm thinking we need to find some way to get an Itex satellite channel again. Would make things so much easier. I'm trying to find the sites of other recombinants, so if you know any, let me know. Gotta fly! Also, don't try playing a DS and flying at the same time... it is hazardous.
P.S. Does anyone know why there's so many avian experiments? Is it just because avian/human crosses tend to work, or is it because there are so many types of bird? Who knows...