September 30, 2008

hey everyone... coming from a very sleep-deprived feather...

heya... *yawn* I have gotten about six hours of sleep in the last three days... so yeah, I'm pretty tired. Nothing much has been happening, except for the fact that we have flown to Alaska. It's actually pretty nice, in the southerny-places. I need to start getting everyone to practice with Willow's hammocky-thing again. It took them nearly 20 minutes to get it folded.

DID NOT!! ONLY 10!!!

Yeah right, moon. Off the computer.

You're such a grouch today.

Am not. I am tired. Go away.

Fine!!! Meany.

Okay. Yeah. Sorry about that. I am going to go get everyone to shut up... goodbye... *yawn*

-a very sleepy feather


Avalon said...

are you going to post again????????

Gotta Fly!

The Coven said...


Sonar found out that he was “created to stop/kill” Radar. But how much of this do YOU think is possible? Come to my blog ( and vote on who YOU think would win the battle.

Personally, I cannot say because unfortunately, both are my friends. However, I believe that the prophecy in Harry Potter “Neither Shall Live While The Other Survives” might prove true here as well.

Let’s see what the readers think the outcome will be. I’m extremely curious on who the readers have more faith in.

Let the voting begin.